CAT Scan Services in Raleigh NC

Computerized axial tomography, also known as a CAT scan is an x-ray procedure that produces a three dimensional scan of the brain and other body parts to determine complications or abnormalities. CAT scan technology is typically used as a guide for surgeons to use during complicated surgical procedures. A CAT scan can also pinpoint the location of a particular disease and determine areas of internal damage. At Raleigh Neurological Clinic, we provide the highest quality CAT scan services in Raleigh NC.

Why Are CAT Scans Performed

CAT scans are conducted for a variety of reasons but are especially beneficial for individuals who have suffered from internal injuries from auto accidents or other traumatic events. They can visualize any part of the body and diagnose injuries and disease while assisting physicians in planning medical, surgical, or radiation treatments. Our CAT services in Raleigh NC can:

  • Reveal internal injuries
  • Discover and monitor heart disease, cancer, liver masses, and lung nodules
  • Guide biopsies, radiation, and surgery
  • Monitor the effectiveness of certain treatments
  • Determine the area of a blood clot, infection, or tumor

What to Expect During a CAT Scan

Once you change into a hospital gown and remove any clothing or jewelry that may interfere with the procedure, a CAT scan technician will properly position you on an exam table that will feature a cradle for your head and straps to hold you in place. Although some patients may be asked to lie on their side or stomach, you will probably be directed to lie on your back. The position you will be in during the CAT scan depends on the part of your body being scanned.

Throughout the exam, the CAT scan technician will be in an adjoining room and communicate with you via intercom. When the procedure begins, you will notice the exam table slide back and forth through the large hole in the center of the machine while the scanner rotates around you.

The table will move quickly through the scanner for your initial scan and slower for the remaining scans. While you will need to lie still during the entire scan and may experience some discomfort, it’s important to note that CAT scans are generally painless. Though the scanning portion will only take 10 to minutes, the full exam will probably last an hour.

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