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Patient Stories

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To help showcase what makes us different, we’ve gathered some of our best patient testimonials and videos.

Patient Testimonials

“I went to my primary care with the worst headache of my life. A CT revealed a SAH/ruptured cerebral aneurysm. EMT transported me to Wake Med, and fortunately Dr. Andrey Belayev was on staff. Enough cannot be said about Dr. Andrey Belayev and his surgical staff before, during, and after surgery. For anyone seeking a neurosurgeon, I highly recommend this physician based on experience, knowledge and expertise. Thank you Dr. B, I’m grateful and blessed.”

A. Ross

“My husband and I both have been patients of Dr. Lars Gardner. If Dr. Lars had not done such a wonderful job operating on my husband’s neck I would not have had him as the doctor to do my major back surgery. I am so much better. No leg pain at all and no back pain. Everyone we came in contact with was always very healthful and Dr. Lars answered all my questions.”

S. Holland

“I am so grateful to have been evaluated by Dr. Garner. When I saw him, I could barely walk. He gave me all the options available and helped me decide what was best for me. I really appreciated his honesty and expert opinion. That was just what I needed to get my life back on track and I’m doing great! Thank you so much!!”

A. Austin

“From the moment I called for an appointment and throughout my surgery and postoperative care, everyone in this office has been so professional and helpful. I am a nurse in another town but once I had my consult with Dr. Lars, I was at ease. He is so informative. I know I was difficult because I am a nurse. I feel I got the best of care here and I had multiple fusions in my lower back. I do not regret my drive to Raleigh to see Dr. Lars and his staff! Great practice!!”

D. Keith

“I have been coming to Raleigh Neurosurgical Clinic since I was 14 years old, starting out with the senior Dr. Allen. I have had a total of four back surgeries. I am now 35 years old and the pain in my back and leg is mostly gone!! Now the work will come from me with leg strength and flexibility exercises. I feel like my old self again! My experiences with Dr. Allen have been nothing but positive. He is a very caring person, as well as his staff. Thank you Dr. Allen, Kim, Dan, and the rest of the staff. My summer has gotten nothing but better since seeing you.”

R. Baker

“I have been a patient with Raleigh Neurosurgical since 2006. This is the year that I met Dr. Russell Margraf and the team of caring, understanding, thorough, and attentive staff members. Each time I visit, it puts my mind at ease to know I will be listened to, and that I am treated like a person and not a patient. As a matter of fact, at my most recent visit, a new patient was reassured by another patient that he ‘came to the right place.’ He was right! I never feel ignored from the time I arrive to the time I leave. You couldn’t be in better hands. I would recommend Raleigh Neurosurgical to everyone!”

P. Shadding

“On November 1, 2015, I was diagnosed with a right para falcine meningioma tumor with considerable edema that needed immediate surgery. What an unexpected MRI result!!! Thankfully Dr. Lars was awesome and patient with me as the news sunk in. On November 5th Dr. Lars removed the tumor. During my hospital stay, Dr. Lars and his team were great. My recovery would not have been as positive as it has been if it were not for Dr. Lars. He did a fantastic job of removing both the tumor and my fears.”

Y. Cheroke

“Kingdom Transportation would like to thank the Raleigh Neurosurgical team for their hard work and compassion they showed on 6/16/11 during the displacement of our client.”

C. Appleby

“My husband had a spinal fusion done at C6-C7 by Dr. Rich in May, 2009, and my husband was totally pain free within a week of surgery. Prior to the surgery, my husband Matt and I were a little apprehensive about the risks involved in this surgery, but Dr. Rich explained it to us in laymen’s terms, and made sure all of our questions were answered thoroughly. We highly recommend Dr. Rich.”

“Dr. Allen & Staff: After months of pain and suffering I finally found relief with surgery with Dr. Allen. Not completely pain free but a whole lot better. Was treated very professionally and friendly by all. Thanks again and God Bless.”

R. Cannon

“I have struggled with back problems for four years and had one failed surgery. I did a lot of research to find Dr. Garner and he is hands down the best doctor I have ever seen. If you end up needing surgery this is who you want to operate on you. I have nothing but positive things to say. My back feels great now.”

“For ten years I have been a patient of Dr. Robert Allen at Raleigh Neurosurgical Clinic. I have continued to come to this clinic even as I have moved to Atlanta and Charlotte. I have recommended them to countless family, friends and people I meet traveling. The quality care received at Raleigh Neurosurgical Clinic from the physicians and staff is impeccable!”

L. Sain

Dr. Allen did my back surgery in January 2011. My pain is beginning to be less and less and I’m not taking any prescribed pain medicine. Along with physical therapy and getting aquatic therapy, I am using my walker for support when my legs feel weak. Sometimes I can walk short distances without anything at all. I’m looking forward to a full recovery, regaining my walk and getting my life back to normal to the things I enjoy doing. My sons Stacey, Donald and myself appreciate all you and your associates did to me before, during and after my surgery. Thank you!”

F. Price

“I have been having back and spine pain for years which lead me to be in a wheelchair for six months. After going to Wake Med ER in Cary I was referred to Raleigh Neurosurgical Clinic. I have been seen and treated by Daniel Ingram, PA. He has made me feel secure and safe to know that I was going to be treated as a person not just as a patient. He listened to my concerns. fears and gave me the support I needed to know I was in good hands. I am very happy with the care Daniel Ingram gave me and I have the right team on my side. Thank you!”

N. Fischetti

Dr. Garner is the best physician I have ever seen.”

“My mother, 72 years old, had an aneurysm on the right front of her brain. She was taken to surgery and had a craniotomy. Ninety percent of patients with this type of aneurysm do not make it. She fell into the 10 percent that do. She was in the hospital 42 days with not much hope of being able to live independently. She now after only four months later does live an independent life with minimal hands on help. God—through Dr. Margraf and his expertise— spared my mother’s life. My family is so thankful to God and to Dr. Margraf and all that cared for our mom thru this ordeal.”

Sharon H.

Dr. Allen, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your care and efforts for my successful surgery in December. My quality of life has gotten back to normal and words cannot express how much I appreciate ‘our’ success. God bless you all!”

C. Bain

Dr. Rich has performed two surgeries on me, one a spinal fusion with Dr. Nelso, and he also did a surgery on my neck. The back surgery was eight years ago, and I still don’t regret it. No more pain from the pinched nerve in my neck either that went down into my shoulders and arms. That was four years ago. I hear so many others that have had to have back-to-back surgeries because the first one wasn’t good, or was worse. I thank God he was the one I selected and that he did the superb job he did.”

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