Meet Our Providers

Providing Excellent Care to Patients Throughout North Carolina

Our provider team covers both consultations and emergencies. To make an appointment, please call the office at 919-785-3400 or make an online request.

Meet Our Neurosurgeons

All our physicians are board certified or board eligible. To ensure excellent patient care, they educate themselves through continuing education courses on new techniques and procedures. Some have specifically enhanced certain areas of their practice, such as minimally invasive surgery, spinal fusions, endovascular procedures, and robotic spine surgery.

Robert Lee Allen
Robert Lee Allen, M.D.

Takanori Fukushima
Takanori Fukushima, M.D.

Laith Khoury
Laith Khoury, M.D.

Andrey Belayev
Andrey Belayev, M.D.

Lars Gardner
Lars Gardner, D.O.

Russell R. Margraf
Russell R. Margraf, M.D., Ph.D.

Brandon C. Burnsed
Brandon C. Burnsed

Timothy B. Garner
Timothy B. Garner, M.D.

Kenneth J. Rich
Kenneth J. Rich, M.D.

Meet Our Physician Assistants

William S. Ashby
William S. Ashby, PA-C

Sarah Mouw, PA-CSarah Mouw, PA-C

Paul Tarangelo, PA-CPaul Tarangelo, PA-C

Dana Johnson
Dana Johnson, PA-C

Ian Perkins, PA-C

Ryan Millar
Ryan Millar, PA-C

Charlotte Spangler
Charlotte Spangler, PA-C

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