First Visit – What To Expect

CHECK-IN – Please arrive to Raleigh Neurosurgical Clinic 15 minutes prior to your appointment. Sign in at our check-in desk and have a seat while we get you checked-in. Our staff will be working with you on some details that are required for your patient records. For instance, we will ask you to fill out and sign all check-in forms before seeing the doctor. These forms provide necessary information about your insurance, age, occupation, any history of family illnesses, medications, etc. For your benefit and ours, it is necessary to keep the front desk staff informed at all times of any changes in address, telephone numbers, or insurance coverage. Please be assured that any information we ask for is kept strictly confidential.

REGISTRATION – When your appointment is made you may print the registration forms by opening the PDF file below. Forms can be mailed at your request. Please complete as much information as possible. If questions do not apply to you, print “N/A” in those fields. All forms must be completed when you arrive for your  appointment.


WAIT TIME –  Because we sincerely value your time, we strive to stay on schedule so you can see your neurosurgeon within minutes of your arrival. However, sometimes appointment schedules change due to an emergency or prolonged surgery. These occasional circumstances may require rescheduling of all or some of the day’s appointments. The physician may elect to see patients at a later time that day. If you are unable to wait, we will be happy to reschedule your appointment to the earliest time available.

STAFF – You may speak with a doctor’s secretary, nurse, or physician assistant about your condition, prior tests, and treatment. It is important to be as informative and honest as possible. The support staff works directly with your neurosurgeon to provide you with high-quality care. The information you give will be relayed to the doctor. Our caring staff can explain tests, surgery, and postoperative care. We are easy to reach and happy to address any questions or concerns you might have. We work to give you the finest health care along with courteous, helpful service.

EXAMINATION – The examination is based on your symptoms, test results, records, and the information you have provided. It is vital that you let your neurosurgeon know your concerns. Too many times a patient leaves a physician’s office with unanswered questions. We want you to fully understand your condition. We’ll also make sure your family doctor is updated on your condition and will share copies of your records.

TESTS – After the doctor reviews your information and completes the examination, he/she may decide you need more testing. The doctor’s support staff will give you information about the test and schedule it for you. To see a brief description of the most common tests we order, go to TESTS AND PROCEDURES . We will call your insurance company to verify authorization, if necessary. It is also a good idea for you to call your insurance company before the test to verify their authorization.