Our Mission

We believe that it is our responsibility to serve our patients with the most advanced and cost effective surgical techniques possible, while caring for our patients in a compassionate and empathetic spirit. Our telephone is answered by our receptionist, and our patients are able to speak with the staff as needed. Patients in severe pain or with newly diagnosed critical conditions, can be seen within 24 or 48 hours on request of the referring physician.

To minimize surgical trauma, we use microsurgical and minimally invasive techniques and perform most surgeries in an outpatient setting. Patients recover better from surgery at home, especially with these modern techniques. If an invasive procedure is warranted, our doctors provide a full line of neurosurgical services.

Whether the brain, spine, or peripheral nerves are affected, our neurosurgeons use state-of-the art technology and proven procedures. As one of the largest neurosurgical groups in the Southeast, our statistics speak for themselves – over 1,500 back and neck procedures and more than 700 cranial procedures performed each year at WakeMed and Capital City Surgery Center.

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