Minimally invasive surgery for back pain can cut recovery time down significantly

Most people would probably prefer to never have surgery if the choice was up to them.  Unfortunately, there are certain times that surgery is necessary in order to help you improve, such as chronic back pain form a herniated disc that does not respond to other treatments.  If a surgeon determines that surgery is needed for your condition and you decide to go through with... Read More

Don’t let your pain hold you ‘back’ from exercising this spring

It’s only a matter of time now before the sirens of spring call our names, tempting us to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine in any way we can.  Temperatures have already been on the rise in the Raleigh area, and this will likely only continue as we make our way into spring. This should come as welcomed news to most people—even if this winter... Read More

Neck Pain Not Getting Better, Visit Raleigh Neurosurgical Clinic

Neck Pain Not Getting Better? The human spine takes on a significant amount of stress in our daily lives.  Whether we’re sitting—especially if it’s with bad posture—walking, running or performing just about any other activity, the spine is subject to a great deal of pressure.  This is one of the main reasons that problems with the spine are so common, and why such a large... Read More